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Our current customers are starting to realize we are not like Career Builder, Monster or any other job search engine. Our website allows job seekers to promote their resumes. Our job search engine also allows employers to post, feature and promote their jobs. Many our new customers are featuring their job ads just so our marketing team can promote their job ads to our 30,000 social media followers. No other website offers this service. We believe no job posting should site idled on a job board.


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Justin Tyme

Job Situation is one of the fastest growing job search engines on the web. Our interactive website is revolutionizing the way people look for jobs. We are totally different from  any other job search engine. Our website gives clients multiple ways to post and promote jobs ads. Our website also allows job seekers the ability to communicate with potential employers in more ways than one.

Are you an employer who is looking to reduce your job posting rates – well this is the site for you. Our posting cost most competitive. If you feature your job our marketing team will promote it at no additional cost.


Marketing Department-

Justin Tyme

Radio talk show host, Ed Tyll, became so engaged and emotionally involved with one particular topic he decided to cut the music off for an extended period of time to finish his thoughts and comments on the current job situation. The host decided to get on his soap box and let if rip. The host first spoke to the job seeker and then employers trying to bridge the gap. Ed addressed the the job seeker telling them what to do to find a good job and the best place to look for those jobs. Ed told job seekers how to impress future employers during an interview. He also stated just be yourself “Don’t try to be George Clooney or Merly Streep”.

Ed also told employers how to save money and time when looking for a good employee. Ed even went as far as to tell employers where to post their jobs and where to find great job candidates.

And if you do not know what the work “Plethra” meant – this host will tell you.





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1. All “Featured Jobs” are promoted on our social media site for free. (currently 30,0000 social media followers)

2. We are able to host and promote employers employment commercials/videos on our home page.

3. Job seekers can attach video resumes to their profile for free and even promote it on our home page.

4. Employers with current jobs posted on our site can e-mail us blogs about their current job opportunities and we will post and promote them on our site.

5. Our clients simply have more account options than any other job search engines.

Visit us at and post your job ads with us now while we are beta testing and job postings are at no charge.

Marketing Department-

Justin Tyme

It took us a while to find the right person to market our awesome brand. Check out our commercial.

Make sure you check out our new site. Share our brand with your employer they will be glad they did.

There are no gimmicks.  Simply register and post your employment ads for free. Once your employment ads are posted our marketing team will randomly promote 10 employment ads to our 80,000 social media followers daily.

Simply go to . Never let another job posting sit idle.

Welcome to the very first interactive job search engine.


Justin Tyme

Marketing Department-

Yes Monster, Career Builder and Indeed are mega brands but they all do the same thing- Cattle Call !! But not our site. We have made job searching fun and exciting by using social media to promote job ads and job seekers. Our site is totally social media driven. If you are a job seeker register and see all the cool feature you can use to promote yourself. If you are an employer post your job and see all the extra perks that come along with it.