Write Your Resume For The Reader !!

Posted by | September 23, 2017 | Job Tips

When creating your resume, think about the person/people who will be reading your resume. Recruiters usually are going through hundreds of resumes a day, so how can you make yours stand out?

You want to make it easy for them to read. You want to point out what job you are looking for, what you have to offer, your education, etc. Next time you go to update your resume- think about these questions:

  • Is it laid out well? ( Is each section well defined?)
  • Do you have a Title or Profile on your resume, so the reader knows exactly what type of job you want?
  • Do the dates and/or bullets all line up?

A simple word doc (not in a template) will help recruiters to rule you in, rather then helping them to rule you out.


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