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Many of us have bosses and human resource departments who encourage us to place questions, comments or concerns in the company suggestion box. I am sure many of us have considered dropping a suggestion or comment in the suggestion box from time to time but decided not to.

Why is that? 

Could it be because your previously stated ideas were not taken seriously? Or could it be the fear of being labeled as a problem employee?

I am sure we have all heard this line before:

“The suggestion box is located outside my door so please feel free to place your comments and suggestions in it and “we” will discuss them during the next quarterly meeting. Oh yea,  don’t forget to place your name on your comment/suggestion so we know who to give credit to. Remember we value your opinions”

What some employers don’t realize or want to acknowledge is  employees have great ideas which may      improve the company, the company’s workflow or even the office morale. But oftentimes, companies only handpick certain suggestions to address during a yearly company meeting.

Could it be because addressing certain comments or suggestions could have an adverse impact on the quarterly financials even though it would please the majority?

With the above in mind we have created this particular blog for unsung employees who care about the company they work for and have  great ideas to improve the company but no one wants to listen.

Well here is your platform!!

Briefly and respectfully share your company and office improvement comments and suggestions you made to your boss and human resource department.

Placing your name at the end of your comment is optional.


Suggestion Box

Justin Tyme- (Blogger)