Job Seekers

Job Situation Staffing matches experienced engineers, architects, construction workers, and manufacturers with new and exciting careers. We are not like other staffing companies we have a great relationship with large companies and their human resource departments. Our staff has direct contact with hiring manages at our partnering firms. Our clients value and respect our candidate recommendations.

One thing that makes Job Situation Staffing different from other staffing companies is that we use our affiliated interactive job board to host and promote your resume while we are looking for the best company to pair you with. No other company does this for their job seekers.

Check out our job board at All job seekers must register to upload resumes. All standard resume uploads are free.

Make sure you check out our “On Stage” screen for exclusive resume features.

Our Hiring Process

Each job seeker must fill out and submit a resume and fill out our standard Job Situation Staffing pre-screening application. Each resume and pre-screening application will be used to assisting in determining the best job seeker with the best job.

  1. E-mail your resume to our human resource department at
  2. Complete pre-screening application
  3. Interviewing – If your credentials match a specific job requirement a recruiter will set up an interview time to speak with you. During the interview, our staff will review your resume, application, work history, and references and identify opportunities that may be right for you.
  4. Paperwork and ID Documents –  You will be asked to complete the following forms
  5. State and Federal Tax Forms
  6. I-9, W-2 forms

When completing the I-9 or W2, you are required to supply ID according to the list of acceptable documentation to verify identity and work authorization.