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Are Career Builder and Monster delivering the goods? Hmmmmm

Welcome to job situation- the very first interactive job search engine. Our website is totally different and much better that any other website. We specialize in promoting employers job posting as well as featured resumes to ensure neither sit idle. If you are frustrated with your resume and job postings sitting idle then you should post with us.

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Some of us may know exactly where we want to go in our career but many of us don’t. Often times the undecided may need a little assistance and that is where we come. Let help you get back on the right career path.

Jumping Off A Cliff I Not The Answer Or Is It? (Video)



Job Situation is one of the fastest growing job search engines on the web. Our interactive website is revolutionizing the way people look for jobs. We are totally different from  any other job search engine. Our website gives clients multiple ways to post and promote jobs ads. Our website also allows job seekers the ability to communicate with potential employers in more ways than one.

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Do As I Say – Not As They Do

Posted by | November 20, 2017 | New Website

Many business post job ads on our competitors website for many reasons. Some businesses post their jobs on other websites because they have a long lasting relationship or they are simply to lazy to make the switch. To be honest that is not a good reason.

We are not going to point out our competitors short comings because it is not professional and this blog would be too long. What we will do is point out how we are different and why we are better. For starters our standard job postings are currently free for employers and resume postings are always free for job seekers.

Job Situation’s goal and vision is to promote others. How do we do that? We allow employers and job seekers to create video resumes and employment commercials and post them directly on our home pages. As we all know social media is the most effective way to market.

We know posting employment ads on job search engine can be time consuming. At Job Situation we allow employers to simply e-mail us their employment ads (max 5 per day) along with their requirements and our marketing team will create a new account under the company’s name and post the employment ad(s). Would other job search engines do that? WE DON’T THINK SO!!

Stop wasting time and money. Try something new and innovative. Post with Job Situation and free up some time and money.


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