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Job Seeking Millennials Love Us !!

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Here is an actual comment we received from a millennial who recently posted their video resume on our site.

I am in communications and plan to become a broadcaster. I have been looking for a job search engine where I can post my video resume so employer can actually see my talent. Finally someone gets it.

Your website is crazy sick. I will share it with all my college friends.”

Come Beta Test With Us-

Posted by | January 28, 2018 | Beta Testing

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Beta Testing-

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Do you know what “Splunking Engineers” do?


As the Senior NMS Platform Engineer, you will be responsible for development and delivery of the NMS services across multiple platforms within the SES Networks. You will serve as an NMS Technical lead on a cross functional team responsible for implementing the NMS Roadmap. As the Senior NMS Platform Engineer, you will perform R&D activities as required for supporting NMS Roadmap delivery.


 Gather business requirements from stakeholders for the NMS roadmap

  • Promote industry best practice in implementing NMS platform solutions
  • Act as Technical Lead for the NMS Roadmap delivery within Splunk and Splunk ITSI Applications
  • Serve as a backup resource for resolving Splunk Infrastructure problems
  • Develop interfaces between various OSS and BSS platforms
  • Provide level of effort estimates for NMS work items
  • Evaluate existing and new technology solutions for alignment within the NMS Roadmap
  • Mentor Engineering and Operations Team members
  • Provide demonstrations of NMS platform capabilities


If you are a “Splunker” you go to and apply for this job.